Are you tasked with managing a Strata or Home Owner Association? The importance of selecting a landscaping company cannot be overstated. The right choice can transform your property into a neighborhood gem, while the wrong one might leave it standing out for all the wrong reasons. Here’s a guide on making the best decision for your development:

1. Define the Scope of Work:

Before choosing a landscaping company, ensure your Strata council agrees on the scope of work needed. A reputable company should handle tasks ranging from lawn and garden care to tree pruning. They should also have the capability to manage irrigation systems, arborist tree work and the ability to perform property upgrades like decks, fencing and retaining walls.

2. Verify Insurance Coverage:

Ensure the company has comprehensive insurance coverage. This includes protection against potential damages, such as a thrown rock breaking windows, and WorkSafe BC coverage for employee injuries, safeguarding both residents and workers.

3. Clear and Comprehensive Contract:

With contracts ranging from $10,000 to $200,000+, having a detailed contract is crucial. It should outline services provided, making it easy to monitor and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

4. Employee Identification and Professionalism:

Opt for a company with well-marked trucks and uniformed staff. This enhances communication, safety, and ensures easy identification of on-site staff.

5. Well-Trained and Supervised Staff:

Choose a company with properly trained and supervised staff. A knowledgeable crew ensures safety, efficiency, and superior results. Having a foreman on site with years of experience is vital for consistency and quality.

6. Accommodating Strata Council’s Requests:

Check if the company can accommodate residents who prefer to care for their own yards. Ensure they adhere to pesticide bans and clearly define such situations in the contract.

7. Frequency of Landscaping Visits:

Clearly outline the frequency  of visits and duration in the contract. While an 8-10 month contract may save you money, it may not be the best choice for the health and maintenance of the grounds. Understand the pros and cons of less frequent visits and shorter term contracts for cost-saving purposes.

Why Choose Swick’s Landscaping:
When you partner with Swick’s, you choose a locally owned, owner-operated company that has been in business for over 20 years. We carry comprehensive insurance, follow WorkSafe BC guidelines, and boast a well-trained, courteous team.

Our staff are supervised by experienced foreman on-site, ensuring promised quality attention to your property. Swick’s takes pride in delivering excellence, enhancing the value and enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.