Working with many of Vancouver’s industry leaders in Landscape Architecture and Design, we have developed a strong network of professionals. Based on your budget and vision, trust us to bring your dream garden to life.


Landscape Installation

The core of our business. Exterior construction driven by function and design can dramatically improve any outdoor space.

Recognized for quality workmanship and innovative methods, we take great pride in our work. We guarantee your project will be completed by our professional staff with extensive knowledge in design, construction and materials.

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Having elements of wood in a landscape design not only gives the overall design a sophisticated touch, but also acts as a bridging element to accompany its natural surroundings.

Whether it’s a modern horizontal fence for privacy, a custom deck for outdoor entertainment purposes or a simple wooden bench for relaxing, we can lend a hand and have our crews craft and install any of your carpentry needs.



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Masonry Stone Work

Hardscaping and masonry work you can trust. Natural stone is a preferred alternative to wood with no maintenance and long lasting beauty.

Our staff and foremen have extensive experience with all types of stone, brick and concrete. With a vast array of product options available and expert installation, masonry can transform the look of a property.

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Our extensive monthly maintenance package would allow us to monitor your garden, making it easy to maintain.

Leave it to our careful and knowledgeable maintenance staff to look after your garden, leaving you worry free.

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Soil Tests

Soil is the base of organic gardening. Have us do a soil test to determine what nutrients are off balance. We can help keep the soil productive by adding the appropriate amendments.

  • Garden and sod soil analysis
  • Diagnosis and remedial programs
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By applying organic materials (compost) into the soil, you are re-creating nature’s natural cycle. Adding compost as often as possible replenishes the nutrients your plants use.

  • Construction and maintenance
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Outdoor Lighting

By installing outdoor landscape lighting it can take your garden to a new level as it not only creates a dramatic backdrop, but also enhances security.

As technology advances, you can integrate and program your outdoor lighting with your smart home system to remotely adjust or switch off when needed.

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Outdoor Sound Systems

Take outdoor entertainment to new heights with speakers that are evenly and discreetly distributed throughout your property.

We work with high quality professionals to help you design the perfect sound systems for your outdoor space. To further enhance your experience, your sound system can be integrated with your smart home system.

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Aside from the traditional surface irrigation, the addition of a drip line system and a rain sensor would not only conserve but also evenly distribute water into the various planting zones to prevent over or under watering.

Combining with the latest smart home technology, your system can be controlled remotely.

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Winter Storm Clean Up

As winter approaches, leave it to us to help you prepare for the chilly season by providing our extensive winter services package – including ice control and snow removal across Metro Vancouver.

We also welcome those who are interested in purchasing environmentally friendly ice melter in 25 kg bags from us. Please contact us for pricing and delivery.

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Holiday Lighting & Decor

At the time of holidays and entertaining, allow us to dazzle your guests and neighbours with an awe-inspiring lighting scheme.


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Winter Preparations

Vancouver’s warm days and cold-nights extreme temperature fluctuation, drying winds, and occasional icy rain or surprise snowfall can wreak havoc with many of our commonly planted landscapes.

Removal of dead foliage, pruning, and supplemental mulching are some precautionary actions to help prevent any mishaps.

Our team of experts will make sure that your gardens will be well prepared for the winter.

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