Winter Services

When winter arrives, you can rely on us to keep your property safe and accessible with our comprehensive winter services.

Our commitment to prompt and efficient snow removal and de-icing ensures your peace of mind during the coldest months of the year.

Automatic Winter Service

Our winter service is provided on an automatic basis, meaning you can count on us to monitor and respond to winter weather conditions as they unfold. We are well-equipped with the necessary snow removal and de-icing equipment to promptly service your location.

Eco-Friendly De-Icing

We prioritize environmental responsibility by using only environmentally friendly ice melt for all walkways and roadways. Our commitment to sustainable practices ensures the safety of your property while minimizing our impact on the environment.

24-Hour Storm Response

During winter storms, we offer 24-hour service to ensure that your property remains safe and accessible. We monitor weather conditions and respond promptly to clear snow and ice, maintaining safe conditions for your residents, customers, or employees.

Service Details

  • Minimum Snowfall Requirement: We require a minimum snowfall of 2-3 inches to initiate our service.
  • Preventative De-Icing: When frost is predicted, we will apply ice melt to all hard surface areas. 
  • Snow Piling Solutions: When space is limited for snow piling, we provide the option for snow removal or relocation using a skid steer track loader.


We are well-equipped to handle various winter conditions with the following equipment:

  • Trucks with Plow & Spreader
  • Quads / ATV with Plows
  • Crew with Snow Blower
  • Crew with Shovel
  • Crew with Ice Melt Spreader

Insurance and Liability

By maintaining proper licensing and insurance requirements you can be sure that our work comes with peace of mind.

  • Valid Business Operating License
  • General Liability Insurance of $5,000,000
  • Active and Good Standing with WCB
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