Horticulturist and Client Care

Terra, from Victoria, BC, started doing volunteer work removing invasive species from parks to balance her office job, and found love in physical work outside and wanted to learn all about plants and ecosystems. So when she started her career path in landscape horticulture; there was no looking back! Terras says the most fulfilling aspect of landscaping for her is “Going into a space and transforming it with the work we do. I find it very creative and inspiring to be able to trim, prune and move plant material to showcase the garden and promote health and vigor.” Outside of work, Terra loves to mountain bike, and otherwise tend to her growing collection of tropical houseplants or explore living in a new city. When asked what she believes sets Swicks apart from others in this industry, Terra says; “Swick’s is a close-knit team of people who work together seamlessly to provide landscape excellence. The owner Ron is very involved in both the install and maintenance teams and blend each together for comprehensive care of properties. The company is focused on growth and development and making sure the right people (and plants) are in the right places.”

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