Patios and Decks

Types of Patios

  • Concrete Patio:
    • Durable and customizable with options like stamping and staining.
  • Brick Patio:
    • Classic look with bricks arranged in various patterns.
  • Stone Patio:
    • Natural and rustic appearance with materials like flagstone or slate.
  • Wood Deck:
    • Warm and traditional, made from pressure-treated lumber or cedar.
  • Composite Deck:
    • Low-maintenance alternative to wood, made from recycled materials.
  • Paver Patio:
    • Versatile and customizable with interlocking concrete pavers.
  • Tile Patio:
    • Modern and sleek, using porcelain or ceramic tiles in various colors.
  • Raised Deck:
    • Elevated platform attached to the house, great for outdoor dining.
  • Floating Deck:
    • Not attached to the house, ideal for uneven terrain.
  • Covered Patio:
    • Sheltered outdoor space with a roof or awning for year-round use.
  • Multi-Level Deck:
    • Incorporates tiers or platforms for visual interest and separate areas.

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