James Butterworth

Since moving to Canada from Ireland in 2018, James has been running an installation crew on Swick’s landscape projects around Vancouver. He has a background in carpentry, even winning a carpentry award in the past. 

James is very creative, with an honours degree in visual arts and a love for photography. Often, you will find him out at night taking long exposures. He also enjoys producing his own music. One day, utilizing his creativity and construction skills, he hopes to build his own container home. 

When he isn’t busy working/getting artistic, James is into any and all things fitness and loves to travel the world.

You might see James for your landscape installation or renovation needs!


  1. I Moved to Canada from Ireland in 2018
  2. I am into anything and all things fitness
  3. I’d like to design and build my own container home one day


  1. I like to produce my own music
  2. I love photography and like to go out at night to take long exposures


  1. I have an honours degree in visual arts
  2. I successfully moved to Canada
  3. Travelling the world
  4. One at Carpentry award
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