Operations Supervisor

Meet Alicia, a seasoned operations manager with a background in casting and logistics management. Alongside her husband Ron Swick, she played a supporting role in establishing Swick’s Landscaping Ltd. in 2003, helping build the company from the ground up. Born in Vancouver, Alicia was deeply involved in the local film and entertainment industry for over twenty years, starting as an Extra’s Casting Director. Her expertise lies in project management, resource tracking and allocation, and coordinating large teams. When not at work, Alicia enjoys family time with their children and their assortment of pets, including a horse, dog, and chickens. They also take pride in renovating their heritage home and tending to their vegetable garden. For Alicia, joining Swick’s team is more than just a career move; it’s about contributing to a company that she deeply values and looks forward to leveraging her expertise to shape the future success of Swick’s Landscaping.

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