Biological Pest Control

By using substantial diversity in pest control we are able to reduce, if not completely eradicate the use of common lawn and garden chemicals. There are many benefits of controlling pests and diseases with natural predators. The main benefit being a reduced impact on environment and human health and ensuring geographic biological diversity is preserved. This method of pest management is also most often the most cost effective.
Aphid problem? Let’s release some of your favorite garden visitors, ladybugs. European Chaffer destroying your lawn? Root Weevil destroying your broad leaf evergreen? Invisible to the human eye but always working hard, Nematodes may be the answer. Those are just two of the many natural fixes for common landscape problems.


Starting a compost pile is an excellent way to enhance soil quality and diminish trash volume. A well built compost pile will not let off any odor and can be used in garden beds in as little as 12-15 weeks. Autumn is a great time to build a compost pile. You can start with all your grass clippings, tree leaves, annuals and vegetables that have been cut down for the winter. By the time you are ready to get out into the garden so will your healthy pile of new soil.

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